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I am starting this blog as a place for Gay men and women to come and read information about a variety of topics and issues. If you would like to be a guest author on my blog, please email me at CarlDinsmore@yahoo.com and tell me why you would like to post something on my blog. This is also a way for people in Cincinnati to get linked to social organizations that maybe they did not know existed. I will work hard on placing all sorts of information on the site, regarding Books, Medical updates, Causes that I deelpy care about, Gay vacation destinations, Gay Sports, and much, much more. Its also just a venue for you to share comments on postings, or share with me a cause or topic I could add to my site.
Last year was a very tough year for me, as I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a form of depression mainly diagnosed in women, but more and more men are being diagnosed with this illness. So, look for information regarding borderline on the blog. Finally having a diagnosis regarding my depression was life saving. Coming through that crisis is what gave me the idea to create this blog.
But my number one goal for this site is the fact that it is time for unity in the gay community. Its time to STOP tearing each other down, but rather to build each other up. We are not all alike. We are different and these differences are what makes our world such a wonderful place to live. Please enjoy the site, and lets unite to make our world the best place it can be.

My favortie gay related qoute EVER!!!!

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.

Johann von Goethe

Another great night view of our City!

Another great night view of our City!
Cincinnati is simply beautiful....

News source for Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian community.

News source for Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian community.
The Greater Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian News!

Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank

Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank
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Cincinnatis Premier Gay & Lesbian Softball League

Cincinnatis Premier Gay & Lesbian Softball League

Cincinnati's Gay & Lesbian Golf League

Cincinnati's Gay & Lesbian Golf League

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Cincinnati's Gay and Lesbian Volleyball Connection.

Cincinnati Rainbow Pride Tennis League

Cincinnati Rainbow Pride Tennis League
Cincinnatis Gay & Lesbian Tennis League

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes, another poem....sigh.......

Seeking Affirmation

Why is it we seek out affirmation from others on various issues?
Or, do most, in true definition of the meaning, simply not or don’t care?
For those who reckon and reason the later are simply liars, I do believe.
Confirmation of task can simply give one the confidence to continue.

In a perfect world we should be able to make self declaration and trust self.
It is difficult to have the faith in ones self that allows doubtless thoughts.
To dream about total confidence in ones own abilities in all they attempt.
One should be able to wander through life, head held high and no hesitation.

Some, adrift in their own insecurities, will attempt to pull you into their abyss.
You begin to struggle with letting them drown or reaching in and pulling them free.
If you let them drown you would be giving power to the words of those watching.
Those standing in observation with no confidence in them let alone an assist.

It all equates to being strong enough in you to only need yourself for validation.
But, we still, ask our peers what they think and how they feel on a constant basis.
Is it so bad to give any amount of support to someone, anyone, friend or stranger.
Silence speaks volumes and allows the brain to come up with a variety of opinions.

In time you will be strong and steadfast in your belief that what you care about matters.
There will be no need to search and seek out the opinions that give you validation.
Validation will come from that one and only source that matters and that is your heart.
Trust yourself, love what you love, like what you like, but care about everyone.

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