Greetings Everyone!!!
I am starting this blog as a place for Gay men and women to come and read information about a variety of topics and issues. If you would like to be a guest author on my blog, please email me at CarlDinsmore@yahoo.com and tell me why you would like to post something on my blog. This is also a way for people in Cincinnati to get linked to social organizations that maybe they did not know existed. I will work hard on placing all sorts of information on the site, regarding Books, Medical updates, Causes that I deelpy care about, Gay vacation destinations, Gay Sports, and much, much more. Its also just a venue for you to share comments on postings, or share with me a cause or topic I could add to my site.
Last year was a very tough year for me, as I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a form of depression mainly diagnosed in women, but more and more men are being diagnosed with this illness. So, look for information regarding borderline on the blog. Finally having a diagnosis regarding my depression was life saving. Coming through that crisis is what gave me the idea to create this blog.
But my number one goal for this site is the fact that it is time for unity in the gay community. Its time to STOP tearing each other down, but rather to build each other up. We are not all alike. We are different and these differences are what makes our world such a wonderful place to live. Please enjoy the site, and lets unite to make our world the best place it can be.

My favortie gay related qoute EVER!!!!

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.

Johann von Goethe

Another great night view of our City!

Another great night view of our City!
Cincinnati is simply beautiful....

News source for Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian community.

News source for Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian community.
The Greater Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian News!

Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank

Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank
Help this organization help those in need!

Cincinnatis Premier Gay & Lesbian Softball League

Cincinnatis Premier Gay & Lesbian Softball League

Cincinnati's Gay & Lesbian Golf League

Cincinnati's Gay & Lesbian Golf League

Cincinnati's Gay and Lesbian Volleyball Connection.

Cincinnati's Gay and Lesbian Volleyball Connection.

Cincinnati Rainbow Pride Tennis League

Cincinnati Rainbow Pride Tennis League
Cincinnatis Gay & Lesbian Tennis League

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cincinnati Drag Races Are Coming!!!!!!

Contact Nigel Cotterill Tel. (513) 544 - 4040 with any questions

Drag Races Cincinnati July 12th 2009

The Drag Races have been schedule for July 12th 2009. The races traditionally have been scheduled the week before Pride. The later date was selected so that the GLBT community focus can be on Pride and make sure Pride happens in Cincinnati first.

The success of last year’s event when the Drag Races were combined with Second Sunday on Main Street Festival will hopefully be repeated again this year. Street and city permits are already approved. Beer and food vendors have been lined up as well as entertainment.

The races and events will take place on Main Street Between 14th Street and Orchard Street. There will be space for organizations to have informational booths. The schedule of events will start at 4 PM.

Teams, Groups and business wishing to participate in the weekend activities are invited to contact the organizers at DragRacesCincy@aol.com

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Surviving Loves Lost

How can my love for you continue to exist?
When like a river in the desert, it won't.
Can my memories of you keep me warm and night?
Like an icy Arctic wind, it won't.

Why did you have to leave me so all alone?
Stranded on the highest mountain top, I am.
My tears are so dry and my heart is just a shell.
Simply living to grieve and to feel the misery, I am.

The love we shared was expected to last an eternity.
I must turn this life around and live it for your memory.I will.
Nobody, deity or layman, said this life would remain clam and easy.
To take all the pain and the loss, and grow though this journey. I will.

To truly honor you would leave me with no other option but to live life in joy.
Wherever your new existence leads you, I must move on but never forget, will I.
I know you will walk by my side always with gentle, tender nudges of direction.
And with these innocent, caring moments of guidance I will smile, will I.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lets end suicide among young gays and lesbians!!!

Having suffered through years, 40 to be exact, of depression and dealing with my own homosexuality, I have decided to write a book. A book that is a reference for our teens who are facing the fact that they are gay and where they can go and who they can reach out to talk to so they realize they are not alone, freaks, and so many people care about them.

About.com has this to say about gay teen suicide: Teen suicide is a pretty heavy subject. Sadly GLBT adolescents may be even more likely to commit or attempt suicide than are straight teens.

However, it is important to realize that being GLBT itself is not a risk factor for suicide. Rather, the negative treatment that many GLBT teens endure can lead to suicidal feelings.

The GLBT suicide prevention organization, the Trevor Project explains that, "Sexual orientation and gender identity alone are not risk factors for suicide. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth face many social factors that put them at higher risk for self-destructive behaviors, including suicide."

I am doing research in order to write a book for gay teens that is filled with references of where to seek out help, and personal experiences of others so they can they are not alone, that others have survived the process and people love and care about them.

If you are willing to fill out an anonymous survey for me, PLEASE email me at CarlDinsmore@yahoo.com. This survey is in word so you can type in your answers and simply email it back.

Thank you so much and lets help end gay teen suicide.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Live in the light....

To be lonely is to feel every element in the world.
One becomes so in tune with all that is missing.
No longer do you enjoy the sun, but welcome the darkness.
You are able to hide in the deep recesses of blackness.

Nothing good can find its way inside the muted light.
All that is painful is born and breed in this eclipse of life.
You cower into a childlike ball and pray for a new beginning.
Amplified are the cries and sounds of misery, doubt and dread.

No drug can set you free, but only shove you deeper into despair.
What is it going to take to cause the shell you exist in to crack?
Your conscious pleads inside your head to open your eyes and fight.
To scrape, crawl, kick and do whatever it takes to break free.

Now is not the time to try to figure out how you got to this place.
Setting yourself free will launch you towards reasons and truth.
Hard honesty awaits you in the freedom, but it is needed to heal.
Growing into the real person you can be, is a journey difficult to manage.

Everything that awaits you in the light is soul cleansing and pure.
Seeing all of yourself may cause you to want to run and hide in the dark.
Perfection is something no one can achieve and needs not be wished for.
Nothing can live, grow or love in the dark, so open your arms and embrace the light.

Former Rep Jack Kemp Dies...

It scares me to hear things about people like this and to know that there are more like them still out there everywhere. Many of them sit in high places.

Antigay Former Rep. Jack Kemp Dies
Former Rep. Jack Kemp, the one time football quarterback turned politician who was staunchly opposed to gay rights, died of cancer at his home in Bethesda, Maryland over the weekend. He was 73.

Kemp served for 18 years as a congressman from Buffalo, New York. He went on to work as U.S. cabinet secretary and appeared on the Republican ticket with presidential nominee Bob Dole in 1996.

During his time in congress, Kemp often backed antigay legislation, including the firing of gay teachers, saying: "I think a school board should have the right to choose what type of example we have for our children in public schools."

He also fought legislation that would have offered civil rights protections to people living with HIV and supported a bill that would have required mandatory testing of people living with the disease.

Like many an antigay politician, for years, Kemp was at the center of gay rumors, including one placing him at a wild gay ski weekend in Lake Tahoe nearly 30 years ago. Despite investigations from several gay news outlets, the rumors have never been substantiated.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Rivers Edge....

I am standing at the rivers edge.
Sounds of peace, tranquility and serenity.
All of these, without hesitation, speak to me.
Calming flow of the current wraps itself around my soul.

The distorted reflection of me is true to life.
I see myself just as the river sees me.
Unlike my inner compass, aimless and without direction,
The river has a purpose, a plan and a path to travel.

It would be easy to jump into the river and just go.
Unknown destinations upon the wake we wander in wonder.
Is the walk we take daily in life really any different?
Life exists as does the river, sometimes shallow, sometimes deep.

I always hear sink or swim from the rivers voice in my head.
Standing on the bank and watching it go by is not an option.
Immersing oneself in the water is the only way to live life.
Once engulfed by the wetness, only then can life be experienced.

Floating along you see pale, blank faces along the rivers bank.
Hands folded, eyes black, focused on the water and tears flow.
Are these people lost in their fear or can they not see the water?
Your thoughts are screaming at these lost souls to jump into the river.

Fear can cripple you and prevent you from entering the river.
Nobody knows what the future holds, but without one step, the end is certain.
Aimless journeys, countless disappointments and sadness await the fearful.
The river is life, and life is the river, so wade in and begin to live.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice ( Annie Duke is a BITCH!!!)

Ok, I just had to post a comment after watching the Celebrity Apprentice this past Sunday night. First of all, "Are you freaking kidding me???" Melissa and Joan Rivers acted like some immature high school girls. Melissa ranting and raving as she hobbled around the set after being fired by Donald Trump. Joan should stay on just to kick Annie Dukes ass. What a super supreme BITCH. All this woman talks about is herself and what ideas she comes up with, blah blah blah. Hey Annie! Does your shoulder hurt from patting yourself on the damn back so much. Oh, and nobody gives a rats ass that you can give a great blowjob. How classy for you to mention that while cooking up your Swan Foods meal. What a mess you are. As much as I hated and disagree with how Melissa and Joan Rivers handled themselves at that moment, I do agree with Joan that you are a piece of white trash. PLEASE place your ego on hold, if that is at all possible. I have been around poker players, and watched quite a bit on television and I am amazed at how self centered and self serving they are. I PRAY to GOD that Annie Duke does not win this Celebrity Apprentice.

Just some recent thoughts...

Time seems as if it is just speeding by me at warp speed. I have never been so content as I am right now at any other time in my whole entire life. I realize that I do not need a lot of "things" or money to be happy. I wish I had money at times just so I could help all the people who have been so kind and helpful to me during my life. You know the dream. The dream about winning the lottery and all the wonderful things you would be able to do with the money. That is my dream. Doubt it will ever happen, but you never, ever know.
I will be 45 this July 9Th and being gay, 45 and fat is a bit scary, LOL. What does 45 equal in gay years? 119? It sure feels like it at times. I looked in the mirror the other day and was horrified that I saw my father staring back at me. When did I start to look so much like him? When did hair long enough to braid begin to grow from my ears? Someone slow down this time machine.
I so use to be consumed with the fear that I would go throughout my whole entire life and never know what true love is. I can honestly say that I no longer have that fear. I really did change a lot after my last suicide attempt. Learning that just because something does not happen the way you want it to or something is not so easy and causes you a bit of stress, that it is not the end of the world. Nobody ever died from having a bad day. It is all good, and you have to learn from everything that comes across your path in life. We need to learn to help and take care of one another. If I can get through the rest of my life with having learned from all my past mistakes, and able to face life with a different attitude, then I have grown as a person. I love my family and friends so very much and I am thankful for them being a part of my life. I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to doing things for others and bringing some joy to somebody's life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am so over people saying they dont have time...

OK ,I finally have to throw in my 2 cents about this. I organize a few sports leagues where I live and getting people to communicate is becoming more and more difficult. The number one thing I am hearing from those who are at the end of the complaint is the ever famous " I just do not have time. " Are you freaking kidding me with that crap?? I have seen people drive their car while putting on makeup, eating a hamburger and texting on their blackberry all at the same time. So, I am not buying it, not for a minute.
It takes 2 seconds to send someone an email or text, just a simple effort made to communicating with people. I don't care if you have to have to take your blackberry into the bathroom stall at work, there is time. Technology has so made it so much easier for us to communicate in today's world, yet we still want to use the lack of time as an excuse for everything we fall short of accomplishing.
We waste so much time and so many of us are HORRIBLE at time management. BUT please people stop using that I don't have time as an excuse to communicate with each other, because that is simply crap. If you own a blackberry and use that excuse, you should be made to go without it and the Internet for a year!!! I think we have lost total sight of how people managed to do all the things we do today without any of the technology that now helps us.
So, come on people, lets make a better effort to communicate and let us stop using the excuse of time as the reason for our lack of trying.